Sales & Marketing

We improve the performance of the enterprise, its access and its ability to compete in a very competitive and demanding market.

  • Sales and Marketing services are “the heart” of our company. We use rigorous analysis and a deep understanding of organizational processes to unlock the full potential of any company´s marketing and sales resources. Our mission is to leverage deep insight into consumers and customers across all the Middle East to inspire frame-breaking and high-impact thinking in all aspects of marketing, branding, sales, and pricing.

    Author's imageAbdullah Al YahyaITKUWAIT Company CEO

  • Our team of consultants through a comprehensive analysis of your company, products and services, will pre-select candidates that could lead to potential clients for your company. Finally we prepare the agenda with those more suited to your business objectives in the market. Always you will receive our full support with a professional consultant that will escort you to the planned visits, all of them organized with top executives, who actually have decision power within the company, called “Decision Makers”.

    Author's imageGiancarlo InsinnaITKUWAIT Company Director

  • Author's imageWalter ZanchettaPresident Of Zanchetta Marmi Company

    ITKUWAIT will provide you with the ultimate support to register your products with a reliable local importer and distributor and for wide range of products such as Medicine, Cosmetics, Food and Beverages among others.