The Story of a street


The Story of a street



O n november 6th. 2012 in Bisceglie Italy, for the first time in European history a road was named after the rich emirate and inaugurated as Via Kuwait.

To commemorate this joyous union of two countries, an official public celebration was held and attended by some of the most central figures behind the establishment of this new destination.

In the presence of Sheikh Ali Jaber Al Ahmad Al Sabah, Governor of Kuwait City, Mayor francesco Spina and the Ambassador of Kuwait in Italy Sheikh Jaber Duaij Al Ibrahim Al Sabah and the Kuwaiti delegation including Abdullah Al Yahya.

The creator of the project “Kuwait Road for Italy” Abdullah Al Yahya, Knight of he Italian Republic, events coordinator between Italy and Kuwait, expressed his delight and pride in the strong relations between the two friendly countries.

He dedicated two years to get approval and authorisation from the Italian State to dedicate a road to his country Kuwait and hasn’t looked back since.

An occasion for all to celebrate, Mayor of Bisceglie Francesco Carlo Spina expressed in his warm welcoming speech his town’s pride in being the first European city to name one of its new and vital roads after Kuwait.

The road will link the north of the coastal town between the highway and the coastal road, which will serve thousands of automobiles that cross the aera on a daily basis.

Spina added that this step is not only a brotherly bond with the capital of Kuwait, but also a desire for launching cooperation between the two cities and their societies in all directions in order to create more mutual opportunities as well as valuing both countries’ identities.
On his part, Sheikh Ali Jaber expressed his gratitude to the town’s senior officials, people and the attending audience for their generosity and amiability in receiving the Kuwaiti delegation across the town, which reflects depth of bilateral friendship between the two countries and their people.
At the celebration, the Kuwait Ambassador to Italy Sheikh Jaber Duaij Al Ibrahim Al Sabah expressed his joy and pride toward this step and for the warm welcoming that surrounded it, indicating that it’s a new fruit of excellent bilateral relations between Kuwait and Italy.

Arabs left their mark when they went across the Apulia region so that Mr Abdullah Al Yahya, mindful of the intention expressed by the Amir during his stay in Italy to strengthen the relationship between Kuwait and Italy proposed to the Municipality of Bisceglie his initiative to start a common path useful to both countries.

Bisceglie is a town with very old origins it rose around 1000 ad. by the port. Today it is at the center of a food farming and touristic district with great potential for the interaction with Kuwaiti people.
Meaning “a city for peace” and recognised by UNESCO as the dolmen of Chianca.
Bisceglie is the “heritage witness to a culture of peace for humanity” as well as a crossroad of different cultures its population contributes to dialogue and builds positive relationships among peoples. They believe in identifying potential business opportunities in a construction, education, healthcare, media, tourism and expos.

by “ITALIAN STYLE IN KUWAIT” summer 2015