Dedicated to the promotion of Italian language and culture in Kuwait through the organization of cultural events.
Under the guidance of its trustees at the Italian Embassy in Kuwait, VIA KUWAIT IN ITALY  conforms to this commitment by fostering the cultural exchange between Italy and Kuwait in a variety of areas, from the arts to the humanities to science.
Central mission is a constant effort to encourage the understanding and enjoyment of Italian culture by organizing and promoting cultural events in collaboration with the most prominent academic and cultural institutions.
Via Kuwait in Italy focuses on the development of initiatives aimed at showcasing Italian excellence in various fields, such as science, technology, the arts and design. The development of academic exchanges, the organization and support of visual arts exhibitions, the grants for translation and publication of Italian books, the promotion of Italian studies, and the cooperation with local institutions in planning various events that focus on Italian music,  cinema, theater, architecture, literature,  etc., are just a few examples of our initiatives.
In conclusion, we provides an “open window” on the cultural and social aspects of past and current Italy and Kuwait.