Celebrations of Kuwait Capital of Islamic Culture 2016


Kuwait, January 19 (QNA) – Celebrations marking Kuwait Capital of Islamic Culture 2016 and Al-Qurain Cultural Festival kicked off on Monday.

The Minister of Information, addressing inaugural ceremony of the celebrations, held late last night, said the two celebrations genuinely underline the State of Kuwait status in the Muslim world.

Sheikh Salman Sabah Al-Salem Al-Humoud Al-Sabah, also the Minister of State for Youth Affairs, who was speaking on behalf of Kuwaiti Premier, said organization of the festival is intended to affirm Kuwait’s keenness on maintaining its cultural role; a role that has been characterized with moderation, openness, advocacy of peace, noble humanitarian values — adoption of such values has earned the country the UN designation, the “Global Humanitarian Hub.”

The Minister stressed Kuwait “will remain faithful to its heritage, approach and role for sake of emitting the best image possible of Islam at times where some .. are seeking to tarnish this image, on purpose or unintentionally, thus it is our duty to face challenges of the modern age, distinguished with technological development, speedy communications and interaction making the world a small village.”

Sheikh Salman pledged to continue to back up the cultural sector for boosting values of tolerance, affection and peace, as well as for affirming moderation as an approach, also vowing to adhere to “our Islamic traditions and genuine customs so that we may chart a future of peace ..” The celebration of Kuwait as the Islamic capital will proceed till the year-end. Al-Qurain festival will end on February 6th. (QNA)


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